Eti's Legacy

Four pieces of artwork of Eti have been donated to the French Bulldog Rescue Network and are now availabale in their store on CafePress. His legacy now contributes to this organization's service to french Bulldogs who are in need. The numbers of frenchies being surrendered are growing each year, please visit their site to see the many ways you can help them fund the work they do.


The Last of Eti

Sadly, Eti was later diagnosed with a brain lesion and despite a valiant effort was unable to thwart its quick progress. This website will be left here as a tribute and celebration of a short but remarkable life that brought much joy to all that met him. Thank you to all who have visited and enjoyed the stories, pictures and videos of his antics. His beauty, comic timing and giant zest for life will be much missed.

I'll repost here the video of him enjoying his daily run on the beach in Provincetown during our vaction in June. He was never so happy as he was during this time and I wish to remember him this way always.


Sleeping Dog

How could this happen? A young healthy specimen like myself. But alas it has. Here I lie quietly, usually restricted to my crate, nursing a herniated disc. And here I must continue to lie for the next few weeks, medicated, subdued- a woeful tale indeed. After weeks of confusion - they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, and delay- medication didn't agree with me, I'm finally on a positive track. Things are getting better- slowly. PL is understandably concerned, his Halloween pumpkin carving and recent artwork pictured above reflect what is most on his mind these days. Manhattan Chien will take a little sabbatical but will return when this sleeping dog is fully rested and recovered.


The Daily Grind

I had a fab weekend. We went up to Maisie's - not just for the day but for a long 3 day weekend. There was some giant shindig so there were a whole bunch of people staying there too. I managed to con PL into letting me out at 6.30 a.m every day. Then he'd go back to bed and I'd have at least three more gullible house guests to do the same. I developed a new 360 spin - that adds a little urgency to the 'I need to go outside' look- which I'll have to show you sometime but for now here's a glimpse behind the scenes. This is what happens when I'm not gallivanting in Central Park or sniffing around the flea markets. This is the daily routine of a job description: companion. I have two beds- bed #1: vintage nepalese stool with raw silk cushion from ABC and bed # 2: Large Urban outfitter square cushion wrapped in a vintage cotton quilt. I choose to forsake them both to perform my companion duties - I'm up there on the work chair squished in with PL- who is really quite a fidget let me tell you but thats another post altogether.


Frisky Business

The title of this post references my failed attempt in the opening minute of the video to slide into shot a la Tom Cruise in that movie. Oh well -that didn't lessen the fun of a post rinse death match with my nemesis-the bath towel. Smothering towel awakens ninja spirit. I spin- pounce, hop-bark and crouch-crawl until evil looped cotton nemesis is forced to withdraw.

OK now I'm just shattered. Tres fatigue yo. We walked the whole of Central park- stopping only briefly at the Shakespeare garden, to drink a splash of water, stare at a rainbow and roll in the grass-hence the rinse when we got home. Now for a giganto nap to conclude the labor day festivities.


Shady Weather

Here they are - the dog days of summer. Temperatures climbed into the nineties which means as you know- house curfew for us B- Boys (bracycephalics). Miraculously it turned out that Alex, the girl next door was going to be staying for a few days. What fun I thought. Back in the outlaw days when we used to run off leash down Harlem lane- Alex was a fierce competitor- racing after sticks and frisbees, outrunning me most times -but that was then. I haven't seen her for awhile her Mom has been on a different schedule so I was curious to see what would turn out. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She was a mess. She sulked at the door she slept on her bed and played with me - nada. I play bowed, I invited, I face licked- zip.

So we slept and we slept through the hot weather, both the air conditioners in our apartment at full blast their chilly drone keeping us in a drugged torpor. Alex went home (bye, whatever) and then the rains came- crazy rains and hurricanes in Brooklyn. But that cooled things down and finally after a couple of weeks of apartment fever we went this morning for a long walk in the Park. I'm not going to lie, it was tough going even though we kept to the shady parts and man was it nice when the apartment door opened and I slumped on the cool wood floor.


Damn Girl

I'm fine, really. I moped a little for the best part of a week but I'm fine now. I've gotten over the whole return to urban reality thing. I get it, we can't have everything all the time and PL says we'll go back next year. And, he does have point the food is better here, I was missing my beef with tripe and the kefir and of course my toy collection. This week was definitely way better, we did our weekly visit with Maisie and damn, that girl had some game this week. Awesome. And she's a lot prettier than Jerry.

Soundtrack by Justin

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